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Essay Topics
2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s again At college. As well as their meaning, of course is... 2) I needed to-go residence when possible, to see my partners again - but I really believe this legitimate SMS illustration is of more academic value. But it truly is exactly about realizing some well-recognized SMS techniques also - no need to reinvent the wheel, I suppose. Here's a really limited example of the reason: BF - partner D8 - day U - you IMAO - within my pompous view (Im, in my humble opinion, ideas must always be simple!;-)) TEXT ABBREVIATIONS MENTALITY - are you there? MTE - my thoughts exactly AFZ - acronym free-zone (!) 2M2H - a lot to manage IK - I am aware :-@ - screaming ;-) - wink (just in case you didn't understand!) Should you get my move! Much like all languages, the SMS terminology is previously-evolving, and only a few of the a large number of terms/phrases/techniques available may ever take popular use at any one moment.
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